Hello, my name is Paul Hollinsky.
You have the idea for the next Facebook.
I'll be your technology consultant.

Web Development

UI Design

Business Experience

Everyone has an idea for the next big thing.
Will yours become reality?

Every day, an idea goes to waste. Someone has a brilliant idea for a webapp that will never come to fruition because they don't have the experience to plan and develop a web application. I, for one, think that's a shame.

So this is where I come in. I have the business and technical experience that you need to turn your idea into a real, tangible, launchable product. I use the latest and most secure technologies to keep your webapps safe in the growing world of the internet.

Here are some of my latest creations.

I've enjoyed working on quite a few projects. These are just a few of my favorites.

Nicole Hollinsky's
Hit Play


The Worm

Spotify Web Remote

Texas Doge'em

Just a few of the main launguages and programs I work with

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I'm ready to work for your goals.

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